Colleges and Universities
in Title IX Support and Compliance.

Together we can make campuses safe and inclusive.

Luv Health Co, provides efficient tools that supply significant impact. Through our technology and network of top industry experts we are able to supply schools with the resources neccessary to make their campuses safer and more inclusive for everyone.

Our objective is to empower colleges and universities to provide a safe, inclusive and supportive enviornment for their students and staff. There is no question that sexual assault, harrassment and abuse is a significant problem campuses face today. Tangible and effective solutions are difficult for individual colleges to provide.

Through our network and technology we aim to provide inclusive, accessible and impactful tools so that colleges and universities are able to support their communities in a efficient and effective manner.

Safe and Focused Platforms

Luv Health Co Tools


Students are able to access their school's advocates and counselors through telehealth 24/7 from the safety and comfort of their home. They can be educated on their options to move forward as well as build comfort with the individual that will be with them through the process.


Data tracked through reporting, charges, active healing and surveys to understand campus climate and impact.

Prevention Programs

Diverse and inclusive programs that are demographic focused and relevant. Our programs are created by the top experts in the country.

Luv Health Experts

Our experts are vetted through a process developed by our medical advisory board and inclusivity committee to ensure they are of the highest standards.

Support Groups

Online, demographic focused, and without campus peers that are guided by a trained support group mediators.

Comprehensive Healing Tools

Content and webinars that are trauma focused and comprehensive to expand access to healing tools.

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We understand every campus has it's own barriers, values and needs that require customized tools and packages. At Luv Health Co, we work with you to design a package that fits your budget and maximizes your current and future services. Together we will create a program that keeps your campus, students and staff a priority.