Connecting sexual wellness professionals with the support and technology to scale the impact they desire.

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We take pride in currently implementing the highest standard vetting process. High standards and trust is the foundation of Luv Health Co and we consistently work towards raising the bar.

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Luv Health Co is composed of 4 platforms. Luv Health being the professional platform and the main engine that delivers support to the individuals through our demographic focused platforms.

Luvia - Women’s

Luvie - LGBTQIA+

Luvo - Men’s

Three Ways to Join Today!

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Luv Listed

Become listed on our directory where potential clients can easily find you based on area of profession and location.


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Team Luv

Get Luv approved by completing our vetting process that has been developed by our medical board of advisors. Approved professionals will gain a Luv Approved Profile, appear at the top of the search results, and access to the professional as well as the public facing communities.

$30 per month

30 day money back guarantee

Professional Video Chats are currently only available on Mac

Woman on phone call with clients using Luv Pro Membership.

Team Luv Pro

Includes everything that the Team Luv Memebership provides plus telehealth, listing of job openings, and the ability to host virtual events.

$75 per month

Free 7 Day Trial

Image showing various perks included in each membership level.


Fill out and submit the application along with your resume. It will then be reviewed by our approval committee and if everything is approved at that stage we will reach out to schedule a virtual call. If approved your profile will go live as a Luv Approved Professional.


Your Luv Health Co profile connects you to the individuals that need you the most. Individuals can find you through our search engine and listing as well through your engagement with content and Q&A.


Connect and build strong relationships with future and exsisting clients by uploading your blogs or articles or answer their questions on the Q&A platform.


The Luv Health Community Channel enables you to network, discuss research, and seek support across disciplines. A place to collaborate and drive a multidisciplinary approach to sexual health. Think of it like an ongoing conference at your fingertips.

What is the professional video chat?

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Coming Soon!!!

We are quickly building out our technology to empower professionals to spend less time managing their practice and more time with clients along with that thing called, life. Luv Health Co technology enables streamline management needs to one location while also decreasing your overhead expenses.

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