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Luv Health Platforms

Demographics have specific needs that demand unique professional qualifications along with. That is why we have developed three demographic focused platforms that provide safe and trusted communities.

Luvia is our women’s focused platform with professionals that are qualified for women’s unique needs. Women are not small men and deserve care that understands them. Luvia, is women’s trusted source for all of their sexual wellness needs. We are empowering all women to take back control of their sexuality, health and bodies.
Woman smiling introducing Luvia our Woman's platform.
The LGBTQIA+ community faces significant barriers in accessing sexual and mental healthcare. Luvie, is bringing trusted resources all in one place with tools that promote safety and accessibility. Luvie is breaking down the barriers and empowering all individual to live with pride.
Two shirtless men introducing Luvie, our LGBTQ+ platform.
There is a stigma when it comes to men, trauma, and sexual health. Men stuggle to reachout for help and healing. Luvo is eliminating the stigmas around men’s seuxal health and mental wellness issues. By providing accessible and safe tools to access trusted professionals, men can be empowered to heal from the inside out.
Smiling shirtless man introducing Luvo, our men's platform.

Luv Health Co. is here for you.

At Luv Health we see the commitment and passion of sexual health and wellness care professionals. We see the long hours you put in to provide the care that changes lives. We are committed to working passionately along with you so that you can continue to serve those that need you need you the most.

Luv Health Co. is driven to assist you in building a practice that works for you and not the other way around. Our goal is to provide you the tools and community to provide comprehensive high standard care and strong pay while living the life you desire.

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Luv Health Co. is focused on creating real change in lives that need us the most.

The Healing Link, is our sister organization, is building supportive communities to end domestic violence and empower victims into survivors.

Luv Health Co., is committed to providing a safe workplace that is educated on identifying intimate partner violence and being a strong support system for those in need.

Through The Healing Link, Luv Health Co. will hire intimate partner violence survivors and provide them with a supportive and empowered career path.