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Luv Health Approved Professionals, are top experts in the sexual wellness industry. Our vetting process is developed and updated by our Medical Board of Advisors, to ensure that individuals know they are in qualified and trusted hands. We evaluate experts based on years of experience, education, continuing education, and passion for helping individuals in need. If approved you will be joining a community that holds high standards and motivation to drive the sexual health and wellness community forward.
Our Mission

Inclusive, Focused and Comprehensive.

Luv Health Co., currently has two platforms; Luvia and Luvie. Luvia is our women’s focused platform and Luvie is our LGBTQ focused platform. Luv Health has future plans to provide a men’s platform. This ensures that individuals are provided with focused resources as well as the space that they feel safe to engage in. Luv Health Co., believes true sexual wellness encompasses the mind, body and soul. Our professionals are across various disciplines in order to allow individuals to receive strong comprehensive care and the ability to select a team that is right for their personal needs.
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Two Ways to Join Our Network

Luv Health Approved

Luv Health Approved Professionals, go through a vetting process that has been developed by our Medical Board of Advisors. This vetting process approves each platform separately. Depending on the professionals area of focus and expertise they could register on one or multiple platforms. The vetting process looks at education and training, continuing education, years of experience, clean history as well as compassion and professionalism. Once approved professionals will have a Luv Health Approved Profile, appear at the top of the search results, as well as have full access to the platform and community, More information below.


Directory Professionals, will not go through our vetting process but will be checked that they are who they say they are. They can register for one or multiple platforms. Directory professionals will have a standard profile and appear in search results but will not have access to the Luv Health Co., tools and community.

“Sexual health and wellness has been undeserved for way too long. It is my driving passion to change that. ”

—El Hoffmann CEO of Luv Health Co.

How it works!


Create your profile so individuals can learn more about you and connect to your services! Individuals can either find you through our search tools or through your engagement with content and Q&A.


Upload your blogs and articles to educate and connect to your future clients. Individuals can educate themselves with content they know they can trust.


Answer questions on our Q&A platform to further educate individuals as well as build long lasting and trusted relationships.


Join our Luv Health Community Channel to network, discuss research, and seek support across disciplines. Think of it like an ongoing conference for all sexperts.

This is just the beginning of Luv Health Co.. There are big plans for the future with what we believe will serve a positive impact in the sexual health and wellness industry. With that said, Luv Health Co. is here to serve professionals and the individuals that need them. Your needs and insights are extremely valued. We would greatly appreciate any and all feedback as we build out our technology.

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We are company that cares to truly make a difference in the world.

The Healing Link, is our sister nonprofit, that is on a mission to build supportive communities to end intimate partner violence and empower victims into survivors.

Through The Healing Link, we are committed providing an educated and safe workplace that understands how to identify signs of intimate partner abuse as well as hire survivors into strong jobs with thriving futures.
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