The best sexual heathcare is comprehensive healthcare.

“Sexual health and wellness professionals have an unyielding passion that rivals any other industry. At Luv Health Co, our goal is to empower these professionals to do what they do best; care for the ones that need them the most and less of everything else.”

—El Hoffmann CEO of Luv Health Co.

A smiling Luv Health Co. vetted professional.

Safe, Trusted and Qualified.

Luv Health Approved Professionals, are top experts in the sexual wellness industry. Our vetting process is developed and updated by our Medical Board of Advisors, to ensure that individuals know they are in qualified and trusted hands. We evaluate experts based on years of experience, education, continuing education, and passion for helping individuals in need. If approved you will be joining a community that holds high standards and motivation to drive the sexual health and wellness community forward.
One male presenting individual kissing another male presenting individual on the forehead with both eyes closed.

Inclusive, Focused and Comprehensive.

Luv Health Co., currently has two platforms; Luvia and Luvie. Luvia is our women’s focused platform and Luvie is our LGBTQ focused platform. Luv Health has future plans to provide a men’s platform. This ensures that individuals are provided with focused resources as well as the space that they feel safe to engage in. Luv Health Co., believes true sexual wellness encompasses the mind, body and soul. Our professionals are across various disciplines in order to allow individuals to receive strong comprehensive care and the ability to select a team that is right for their personal needs.
Luv Health Co professional using community video chat feature to meet other professionals.

Collaborative Community

At Luv Health Co we believe the best kind of sexual health is collaborative health. We combined the most innovative technology to enhance community relationships and serendipitous communication to break down the silos within the industry while driving comprehensive and innovative care.
A male presenting individual using a computer while also on the phone.

Practice Management

Sexual health and wellness professionals are some of the most driven and passionate professionals out there. Our mission is to empower qualified professionals to do more of what they do best - caring for those that need them the most - and less of everything else. Currently we offer telemedicine software as well as platforms that enable long lasting client relationships.

As we continue to build out our technology we are focused on listening to our professionals and delivering what they need most.
Computer demoing Luv Health Co. technology.

Join as a Sexual Wellness Professional

When we say “high standard sexperts”, we mean it. Join a network of sexual health and wellness experts that individuals know they can trust. Our technology streamlines your business, decreases overhead, and provides you the time to do what you do best; provide compassionate and high standard care. Collaborate, communicate and network with other high standard sexperts across the country.